An Invitation to Find Rest in Jesus

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28 (NIV)

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Today’s Devotional

In this verse, Jesus extends an invitation to all who are weary and burdened, promising rest for their souls. This rest is not merely physical relaxation or a temporary reprieve from our daily problems. Instead, it is a profound, spiritual rest that comes from surrendering our burdens, worries, and anxieties to Jesus, who cares for us deeply.

Many people feel weighed down by the pressures and demands of life, whether it’s work, relationships, or personal struggles. Jesus’ invitation to come to Him is a reminder that we do not need to carry these burdens alone. He is ready and willing to provide the rest and peace that we seek.

Time to reflect

As you reflect on Matthew 11:28, consider the following questions:

  • What burdens or anxieties are you currently carrying in your life?
  • How can you surrender these burdens to Jesus and experience His rest?
  • In what ways can you remind yourself of Jesus’ invitation to find rest in Him during times of stress and worry?

Prayer Of The Day

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your invitation to come to You when we are weary and burdened. We recognize our need for the rest and peace that only You can provide. Help us to surrender our worries, anxieties, and burdens to You, trusting that You will care for us and give us the rest we need.

Teach us to rely on Your strength and not our own, and remind us to turn to You in times of stress and difficulty. May we find rest in Your loving embrace and experience the peace that surpasses all understanding. In Your name, we pray. Amen.

Strengthening Faith

  1. Identify the burdens and anxieties in your life and write them down.
  2. Spend time in prayer, surrendering each burden to Jesus and asking for His help in carrying them.
  3. Seek out Scriptures that remind you of God’s promises of rest and peace, and meditate on them during times of stress and worry.

Today Wisdom

Jesus’ invitation to find rest in Him is a precious gift to all who are weary and burdened. By surrendering our anxieties and burdens to Him, we can experience the true peace and rest that He offers. Let us continually turn to Jesus, seeking refuge in His love and grace, and finding rest for our souls.

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