These 7 Angel Signs Are All Around You – You Just Need to Know Where to Look!

These 7 Angel Signs Are All Around You - You Just Need to Know Where to Look!

Belief in angels transcends various religions and cultures, with many people holding onto the idea that these divine beings are sent as messengers from a higher realm to guide and protect us. Often, angels communicate through signs, subtle hints in our everyday lives that may go unnoticed unless we know what to look for. These signs come in various forms, often woven seamlessly into the fabric of our daily experiences. Once we learn to recognize them, we open ourselves up to divine guidance, comfort, and reassurance. Here are seven common angel signs and tips on how to spot them.


Angel Feathers

Feathers, especially white ones, can be a common sign from the angelic realm. You may find them in the most unlikely places as a message of reassurance from your guardian angels. It’s a reminder that they are near, watching over you, and providing protection.

Repeated Numbers

Seeing sequences of numbers or repeated numbers frequently can be a powerful sign of angelic presence. Known as “Angel Numbers,” they carry divine messages. Pay attention to these numerical sequences – they might carry personalized messages for you.

Flashes of Light

Angels are beings of light and energy. Catching unexpected flashes or flickers of light out of the corner of your eye may signify an angel’s presence. These can also appear as orbs or streaks of colored light.

Heavenly Scents

Have you ever noticed an unexplainable sweet scent while praying or thinking about a loved one who’s passed on? This could be an angel sign, especially if the aroma is floral or reminiscent of something you associate with comfort or peace.

Unexpected Rainbows

Rainbows are often seen as divine promises. If you spot a rainbow at a moment when you’re seeking reassurance or comfort, it could be a sign from your angels, especially if there’s no rain.

Temperature Change

Sudden, unexplained changes in temperature can be a sign of an angelic presence. You might feel a comforting warmth enveloping you or a cool, calming breeze when you’re worried or anxious.


Dreams of angels

Angels often communicate through dreams because our conscious minds are more open to divine messages while we’re asleep. If you have vivid, peaceful dreams of light, loved ones who’ve passed on, or comforting spaces, an angel might be trying to communicate with you.


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